Competing through COVID

The first priority of Illuminate Dance Championships will always be the safety of Dancers, Dance Families, and the community - especially as the the Covid-19 global pandemic continues to impact our community. 

While we are hopeful that by the time of our 2022 Events we will be past this outbreak, IDC is making preparations to allow Dancers to compete in person. We are commited to meeting or exceeding the safety guidelines set forth by the CDC, State & Local Officials, and our Venues. 

At this time, we plan to hold all of IDC Events in person. As will always be the case, if we need to reschedule or cancel an Event, all entries are guaranteed - including making available cash refunds. Please refer to our Rules page for full details on our refund policy.

Our goal will always be to create a first class experience for Studios, Dance Families, and Dancers. Performing live, on stage, in front of the judges is the essence of competitive dance and this will always be the preference of IDC. However, out of an abundance of caution and in order to minimize gatherings of large groups, IDC may choose to hold Event Awards Ceremonies virtually until this pandemic has passed.

Below, you will find the outline of our current Covid-19 mitigation plan. Our plan relies on proactive strategies recommended by health authorities to reduce the spread of the virus. This plan is subject to change in order to adapt to the changing situation and meet guidelines in place at the time of our Events. 

Please reach out to our Events team at with any questions or feedback. 

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Current Mitigation Plan

  • Individuals who are sick or who have felt unwell over the last two weeks are asked not to attend the event and enjoy the competition via our live stream.

  • If a competing Dancer is sick with a confirmed case of COVID-19 they have the option of rescheduling to a different competition or a credit or refund for their impacted routines.

    • If a Studio should decide to carry on with a routine minus any sick or quarantined Dancers, the judges will be notified and special consideration will be given.​

  • Everyone over the age of 4 not currently dancing will be expected to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at all times in the Venue. 

    • Those who are unable to wear a mask are welcome to watch our free live stream from a different location.

    • Dancers are not expected to wear masks during their routines. However, Dancers who do wear masks during their performances will not be penalized in any way (costume, facials, or otherwise) for this decision

  • Seats in the auditorium and tables in common areas will be marked off to maintain distance.

  • Please do not congregate in large groups anywhere inside the Venue. Please maintain at least 6 feet of distance between those not in immediate families or those whom you have not had previous exposure. 

Additional Measures

  • Depending on the state of the outbreak at the time of an Event, IDC may implement block performance times. Studios will attend the Event completely separately with no overlap between competing Studios. All performances from a Studio will be held during their respective performance block, alternating Routines and Divisions as best as possible to minimize downtime, but provide enough time for costume changes.

  • In this scenario, Awards Ceremonies would be held virtually, live streamed at the conclusion of the Event.

  • All prizes and awards would be delivered directly to the respective Studio following conclusion of the Event. 

  • During a Studio's time block, spectators from that Studio would be permitted in the auditorium. However, we do request that spectators be kept to a minimum. Others are welcome to view the Event via the free live stream.

  • Should conditions be bad enough that IDC is forced to cancel an Event, IDC will work with studios to find a suitable resolution. Should a solution not be found, 100% refunds will be made available to the Studios.

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