About Us

Dance. Illuminated.

Illuminate Dance Championships was born out of the COVID-19 crisis that all but erased the 2020 competitive dance season. Dance Schools, Dance Families, and, most of all, Dancers were all stripped of a year of development, fun, and competition. Worst of all, many existing competitions were unwilling or unable to return money for competitions that would never happen. Money that Studios and Dance Families desperately needed in those challenging times just to stay afloat.

Seeing this blatant disregard for the well being of the entire dance community inspired the team behind IDC to act. We spent our time in quarantine virtually collaborating and creating a series of competitive dance championships that put the needs of Studio Directors, Dance Families, and Dancers first. In order to put our money where our mouths are, we make the following pledge: IDC will offer 100% refunds to each Studio should an event ever not take place and a suitable alternative arrangement cannot be found. Should any IDC event not happen, be it pandemic, tsunami, or power grid failure, we will make it right. We will do whatever we can to reschedule and accommodate a timely alternative, but if that can’t happen for any Studio for whatever reason we will return all entry fees.

Our commitment to the dance community is not just a financial one. Our founders and leadership team are studio owners with years of competitive experience and dance dads that have spent as much time in the audience as they have consulting and running operations for corporations in the business world. We are utilizing these varied experiences to craft IDC to be something innovative, exciting, and different. We will strive to make this the best competitive dance experience for Studio Directors, Dancers, and Dance Families. We will prioritize Dancers by creating a unique stage show experience, providing the best platform on which to shine and showcase their hard work. Studio Directors and instructors will be treated as partners, respected for their own investments in inspiring and training these Dancers. Finally, Dance Families, both in-person and afar, will be able to enjoy these once-in-a-lifetime performances from their Dancers through innovative technologies that will illuminate the stage in a unique way and showcase the Dancers unlike any competition you've seen before.

Finally, we are committed to making IDC an ever improving experience. After each event, we will actively seek feedback from Studio Directors, Families, and even the Dancers and take action to implement changes that continuously move the experience forward. We fully intend that every time you attend an IDC event, it will be slightly different - because every IDC event will be slightly better than the last. In fact, if you have some ideas or recommendations on how to make our premier season an absolutely memorable experience for your Studio, Dance Family, or Dancer or if you’d like to learn more about what we've already got in store, please contact us at info@danceilluminated.com or check out our facebook and instagram pages at the links below.

We can’t wait to get this started, meet all of you, and illuminate the competitive dance world.

Andrea, J.P., and Ryan 

Leadership Team

Illuminate Dance Championships